This Is Tomorrow / DJ Blueprint – Diggers Dozen Live Session

My Diggers Dozen set is now up on Mixcloud. I didn’t know what to play and didn’t bring a lot of records but I guess this is a nice mix of rare and obscure records.
Thanks again to Maxwell for the invite and to Danny Spice, Kam, A.M. and DJ Kingpin for their great selections!

DJ Blue Print - Diggers Dozen Live Sessions (February 2015 London) by Diggers Dozen on Mixcloud

Uncle Haywood and Lucien aka Core Rhythm and Zajazza

After the really nice video a few weeks ago here’s the new album by Uncle Haywood and Lucien aka Core Rhythm and Zajazza.
Recorded in New York, Barcelona and Lyon over a period of 3 years, it all started in January 2009 when the guys met in a NYC bar.
All tracks written by Core Rhythm
All beats produced by Zajazza

The album also features the following : Homeboy Sandman (New York), Breez Evaflowin (New York), Illspokinn (New York), Eagle Nebula (New York), Tah Phrum Duh Bush (New York), Grand-Phee (New York), Creature (New York) and DJ P who did all the cuts.

Available now for only €8 on Bandcamp

Please support real underground Hip Hop artists!

Os Brazoes – Os Brazoes

Rare and highly sought after in its original format, Os Brazoes self-titled album was originally released on RGE Discos in 1969. It is a psychedelic masterpiece that fuses samba, r’n’b and rock ’n’ roll influences using fuzz guitars, synths, percussion, lush vocals and effects.
Os Brazoes formed in Rio de Janeiro in the late ’60s. They backed Gal Costa during her Tropicalia period, yet apparently never recorded in the studio with her. Miguel de Deus, the bands front man, recorded the highly sought after ‘Black Soul Brothers’ LP in ’77, which became an important record in the ‘Black Rio’ movement. Mr Bongo released the title track from that LP, on the ‘Brazilian Beats: Brooklyn’ compilation in ’06 and recently as part of their Brazil 45s re-issue series. ‘Os Brazoes’ features covers of Gilberto Gil’s ‘Pega a Voga, Cabeludo’ and Jorge Ben and Toquinho’s ‘Carolina, Carol Bela’.
The Mr Bongo LP reissue is manufactured in Japan, presented in a super high quality card sleeve with replica original artwork. The CD is presented in a 4-page digi-pack.

Now available on Vinyl and CD on

Tom Zé – Tom Zé

Tom Zé is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, innovator and composer who was hugely influential in the Tropicália movement of ’60s Brazil. Zé is often thought of as Brazil’s answer to Zappa or Captain Beefheart; a true innovator and a true artist.
Mr Bongo re-issued Zé’s debut record ‘Grande Liquidicao’ originally released in 1968. This, his second solo album, is self-titled, and was released by RGE Discos in 1970.
After the peak of the Tropicália period, Zé went into relative obscurity. It was only in the ’90s, when musician and Luaka Bop label founder David Byrne discovered an album recorded by Zé many years earlier, that he returned to performing and releasing new material.
Continuing in a similar musical vein to Grande Liquidicao, ‘Tom Ze’ is a wonderful combination of guitars, layered of percussion and tough rock ’n’ roll, underpinned by Ze’s instantly recognisable vocal.
Ze is infact one of Brazil’s most sampled artists. ‘Jimmy, Renda-Se’ has one of the most recognisable intros you will hear, so it was no great surprise that Amerie sampled it for her smash ‘Take Control’. All in all, another essential record from a true legend of Brazilian music.

Now available on Vinyl and CD on

Lewis Parker and Eastkoast – MK Ultra: Operation Hypnosis

Lewis Parker and Eastkoast have teamed up to record their debut 10 track called MK Ultra: Operation Hypnosis.
Project MK Ultra, sometimes referred to as the CIA’s mind control program — was the code name given to an illegal and clandestine program of experiments on human subjects, designed and undertaken by the CIA.
MK Ultra: Operation Hypnosis is a timeless piece which musically is influenced heavily on the jazz/library record side of things. Each beat that Lewis Parker put forth, Eastkoast has poured his thoughts into with passion. The record describes the inner city struggles of a black man in the modern day. Guest features from El De Sensei (Artifacts), Shabaam Sahdeeq, John Robinson, Ade Something, King Malachi & Sam Hill.
All tracks produced by Lewis Parker.

Limited Edition of 300 copies.

Praise Poems – A journey into deep, soulful jazz & funk from the 1970s

After Movements and Feeling Nice, two already well-established compilation series on Tramp, Praise Poems could be the start of a new successful one. It was solely the title track which lead us to release this album. Don’t ask if there will be a Volume 2. We don’t know yet. What we do know is that if we ever come across a similar tour de force as Don McCaslin’s composition, then there will certainly be one.
Be prepared to listen to this album in tranquillity. If you do not do so you will most likely rate this release one out of five stars. And this is something which it certainly does not deserve. This album needs time and patience to be fully understood. And if you do so you will be enlightened by the true beauty of this selection.

Pre-order for Limited Double Vinyl, Limited CD including 8-page booklet with detailed liner notes and Digital now on

The Meltdown – Better Days b/w Sweet Water 7″

The Meltdown. It’s a bold, brassy, twangy steam train of bumping backbeats and swinging shuffles. Then there’s that voice. Sweet as honey. The voice is soul, but it’s country too and something else indefinable; like you heard it before but don’t know where… Introducing Better Days, The Meltdown’s first release on HopeStreet Recordings.

Better Days is available everywhere on 7″ vinyl and digital on February 23rd and is available as a free download from up until the release date.

DJ Blueprint / This Is Tomorrow – Euro Grooves (Music Is My Sanctuary Guest Mix)

Music Is My Sanctuary is probably one of the most eclectic websites around. Both our sites started around the same time, what seems to be a lifetime ago in blog years…
I felt very honored to have been asked by Lexis to put together a guest mix, so I dug deep into the European grooves from the 60s and 70s.
A time when a lot of american jazz musicians came to Europe to search for a new inspiration.
A time where a lot of european musicians worked with their idols and learned from their mistakes.
Some of these tracks have been sampled but I’m sure there’s loads more to discover.

So please head over to the fantastic MIMS site to check out my guest mix!

Lucky Brown – Mystery Road

Lucky Brown’s second album on Tramp Records is called Mystery Road and will be available digitally across all popular download stores and streaming services, plus as a limited edition double LP.

Mystery Road pays homage to the great unknown musicians throughout America who, with their self-produced singles, became local and regional hits just around the time that Mega Corporations began saturating the market and the radio with something that was less like music, and more like a product.

Quality Soul music, but what else do you expect from Tobias Kirmayer and a label like Tramp Records!

Available now!