T&S Podcast #031 – DJ Monk One

When Truth & Soul label boss Danny Akalepse asked Monk-One, his longtime associate in the deepest DJ trenches of Brooklyn, to make a mix for the Truth & Soul podcast, Monk simply reached down and grabbed a box of 45s–still warm from a Friday night soiree–walked to the decks and ran thru ’em. We think you’ll find this mix of dirty funk, effervescent soul, breezy ska and greasy jazz a most enjoyable ramble.
More Monk can be found on Facebook or at his label, Names You Can Trust.
You can check his writing as an Editor at Wax Poetics Magazine under his alias, Andrew Mason.

T&S Podcast #031 | Runnin Thru the Box On A Friday Night | DJ Monk One (Wax Poetics) by Truth & Soul Records Podcast on Mixcloud

Submerse – Stay Home

Submerse is back with a new EP following his Slow Waves album.
While his first releases dealt with nostalgia and exploring the city life of Tokyo, Submerse has finally found a place to stay and call home.

‘Stay Home’ comes out worldwide on limited vinyl, including download code as well as a limited edition CD including a bonus track via flau records in Japan on the 26th of May 2015.

This Is Tomorrow – Sadao

I have been working on new music the last 12 months but didn’t post any new tracks to Soundcloud, Bandcamp etc.
A new album should be released this year, September 2015 if all goes as planned. The album will feature Miles Bonny, Illspokinn and more.
So until then, here’s a new track for you. Feel free to share and let me know what you think.

Vursatyl – Bring It To A Halt

If you’ve caught Blackalicious on tour over the last fifteen years or so, you will have witnessed first hand the prodigious talent of Portland based rapper and singer Vursatyl.
Now 24 years into his rap career, Crooked Straights marks a brand new chapter in Vurstatyl’s story; unbelievably this is the first time he’s taken centre stage and released a solo record.

Vursatyl – Crooked Straights coming soon on BBE Music

Calibro 35 – Sabotaggio

While the band is ready to kick off a new European tour, Calibro 35 new Single “Sabotaggio” is available from Today as a Free Download here.
Originally recorded for Sky Arte – Variazioni Bertallot Show, the track sees our crime funk heroes entirely re-set on music Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage”.
Much more than a cover version or a simply mashup, “Sabotaggio” is the perfect fusion between Adrock, MCA and Mike D’s voices and Calibro 35’s killer groove! A spacetime trip from 90s New York to Today.

Lady Day – 100 years of Billie Holiday

Millenium Jazz is back with another great tribute album, this time it’s Lady Day’s turn.

‘ We’ve took time out to honour one of the biggest talents to ever do it in Jazz music as we salute Billie Holiday on what would have been her 100th Birthday on the day of the release of our tribute to her.
The ‘Lady Day’ tribute contains music made up of Billie Holiday cover songs and instrumentals that sample tracks from Holiday’s discography. Styles range from Dusty, Boom Bap, Jazz Ballad, Electronic, Trip Hop, Jazzhop and Experimental.
Much love to all who participated in this project including those who couldn’t finish in time. And of course to ‘Lady Day’ herself ..Billie Holiday -(April 7th 1915 – July 17th 1959) R.I.P ‘

Thing Leaves The House

Last year’s Record Store Day was genuinely one of the most memorable and important days in the life of First Word. We released our first RSD release – Nothing Leaves The House, a project that was dreamt up on RSD 2012, and finally shared two years later.
A year on from the day the trio of Eric Lau, Tall Black Guy and kidkanevil visited Mr Thing’s collection to sample his records (where nothing could leave the house), we gathered them at London’s Love Vinyl record shop where he had brought one record from his collection for each producer. Their challenge was to make a beat from the individually chosen records: the results massively exceeded our expectations. Originally Mr Thing was going to make a track from something in his collection too, but the three producers decided that he should go through the same process as they would. They picked a record from the racks of the shop (they had to find one he didn’t already own first) and his beat was created from that. The result is 4 tracks that truly capture the personalities of each producer, and a record that is born out of a heartfelt love of records – we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Bombay Royale – Wild Stallion Mountain / Khubsoorat Bewafa

Get ready for white light on white wax, baby. Spinning your way at 45 rpm, The Bombay Royale’s latest piece of retro-Bollywood-freakadelic-disco is not powered so much by the forces of nature, as it is by forces beyond nature. You may say “Eurovision on acid in Mumbai,” but we say “Wild Stallion Mountain.” On the flip side is Khubsoorat Bewafa, a dark, pulsing, late night tale of treacherous hearts. Kalyanji and Anandji meets Blondie at the Heartbreak Hotel. A side and B side, light and dark, are balanced to create a harmonious whole.

Bombay Royale – Wild Stallion Mountain / Khubsoorat Bewafa 7″ avaiable on RSD on Hope Street Recordings