Aamar – Drips | 73 / 7eventy3hree


73 / 7eventy3hree is a creative & collaboration platform label based in Luxembourg, launched for the first time in January 2016, aiming to open out creative series and parties to introduce and sharing unknown/up-and-coming artists and chart a more diverse terrain for the “right” listener.
73 is kind of a substitute of Victor Ferreira’s aka Sun Glitters’ netlabel soundzfromnowhere launched in 2003 with the same spirit… 73’s musical spectrum is widely ranged from electronica, isolationist, experimental, improv to noise – post – indie – dreampop and shoegazing genres.
The releases will be digital in long term and limited to 73 CD-R copies in a beautiful folded paper case, numbered and stamped from 1 to 73 with a unique price of 7,3 euros.

The first release will be Aamar’s new album called Drips which is now available for Pre-order. After releasing 2 really nice ep’s, Eclipse on Math.Beat Records and the self released Guards, Drips is the first full length album by this young beatsmith from Luxembourg.

Please check out the new 73 / 7eventy3hree page on Facebook

Creaturos – Popsicle


Cultures Of Soul Records are taking a step in a new direction by re-releasing Creaturos’ – Popsicle album. Cultures Of Soul are known for their excellent releases, some recent compilations such as Bombay Disco Hustle, Tropical Disco Hustle, Brazilian Boogie Connection or The Boston Creative Jazz Scene LP including a great book about the 1970s jazz scene in Boston.
Popsicle is the Cambridge based Creaturos’ second album, a collection of tracks recorded between 2010-14 which give you a taste of the band’s psych-rock, beauty and violence, melody and noise.

Hidden Jazz Quartett – Raw And Cooked


Ralf Zitzmann, head of Agogo Records is ready to step in the arena with the release of the debut album by the Hidden Jazz Quartett.

Featuring a host of great musicians and guest vocalists including UK soul legend Omar, Bajka and many more, the album is a nice mixture of the past, present and future of Jazz music. Starting with the cover, the album is rooted in the history of Jazz music. Call it Nu-Jazz if you want.

Hidden Jazz Quartett – Raw And Cooked is available on Gatefold Double Vinyl, CD and Digital on Bandcamp

Marta Ren & The Groovelvets – Stop Look Listen


Portuguese Soul sister Marta Ren is back with her first full length album after her 2 Kinds Of Men 45, released 2 years ago.

Record Kicks finally presents Stop Look Listen the debut album, to be released on 19 February 2016.

Backed by the Groovelvets, an 8-piece rhythm & soul combo, Marta Ren serves you 11 tracks of soul and funk grooves.

Marta Ren & The Groovelvets –  Stop Look Listen is now available for pre-order on Bandcamp

Beat Bruisers – Def By Stereo


The Beat Bruisers are a producer duo from California who are ready to release their debut album called Def By Stereo, co-starring Duck Down Records sharp shooter Ruste Juxx and LA’s rhyme slinger Pawz One.

Now available through Below System Records as CD and Digital on Bandcamp

Piero Umiliani – Psichedelica


Schema Records are back with some amazing reissues to be released in the coming weeks. First up is another gem from the vast recordings of true icon of the world of soundtracks Piero Umiliani. Psichedelica contains the first version of Piero Umiliani’s most famous composition Mah-Nà Mah-Nà.

Released in 1971, as a very limited pressing of 200 copies which weren’t even distributed, Psichedelica is now available on Vinyl and CD again.

Pol Belardi’s Urban Voyage – Sun

Luxembourg is a small country, mostly known for its banks and as a financial heaven. But as I always say, I don’t have a Ferrari and I wasn’t born rich.

Luxembourg has its great sides too. It’s in the heart of Europe and we have a great albeit small music scene with great artists. That’s why I wanted to present some of them.

First up is a really talented musician, bass player and composer: Pol Belardi.

Pol just recently finished his music studies and this is his first album to be released in the coming weeks. It’s called Urban Voyage and features 11 musicians from around the globe.

Orgone – Beyond The Sun


Beyond The Sun, Orgone’s latest full length album was released earlier in 2015 on CD and digitally but this is the first time any of the material has been available on vinyl.

The limited random colored vinyl (2LP) is now available for Pre-order on Colemine Records, shipping early february.

And as a reminder how good Orgone is, watch this live set on KEXP.