…don’t ask if there will ever be a Volume 2. We don’t know yet. What we do know is that if we ever come across a similar tour de force as Don McCaslin’s composition, Praise Poems, then there will certainly be one…
These were the final words of the sales notes for Praise Poems Volume 1 – which we proudly released earlier this year.
Rarity is important, quality is more important, and whether a song has been compiled yet is of the highest consideration. In this case, all but one of them have yet to be compiled elsewhere. By and large, this compilation highlights a unique historical context in the development and splintering of the streams of funk, soul and jazz.
The Praise Poems series is an attempt at a faithful snapshot of this revolutionary music before it began its inevitable backslide into the bourgeois excesses of the jazz-fusion genre. Call it proto-fusion; exemplified in performances like the cosmic bossa-odyssey of Third Stream, the jazz-pre-fusion of Seeds of Fulfillment, modal-tribal and chant explorations by Bobby Boyd Congress, the cinematic audiophilia of Belgium’s Soul Scratchers, the electro-acoustic blend of folk, percussion, and jazz by John Finnigan and Maureen Finlon, or the undeniable funky theatricality ofLarry Dismond that would make Galt Macdermot proud.
All of them are finally getting the attention they deserve.

Praise Poems 2 will be available on September 4 on Tramp Records.

Brian Auger – Back to the Beginning: The Brian Auger Anthology

Brian Auger – lauded and loved by everybody from Herbie Hancock to Mose Allison, from the Brand New Heavies to The Beastie Boys, his tracks have been sampled by Mos Def, Common, Air and Kid Loco, his original compositions covered by Sarah Vaughan, Richard ‘Groove’ Holmes and The Main Ingredient.
This 24 track, career spanning anthology covers over 50 years of Brian Auger’s music – from his poll winning jazz piano trio, classic and slept on tracks by Julie Driscoll & The Trinity, his pioneering 70’s jazz fusion outfit The Oblivion Express and includes rare tracks and new material from his Grammy Nominated, award winning life in music – as well as material from his forthcoming brand new live album Live In Los Angeles with original Oblivion Express vocalist Alex Ligertwood back on vocal duties.

Available on Freestyle Records on September 4 2015

This Is Tomorrow – Emergence ep

Emergence: The appearance of new properties or species in the course of evolution.

After 5 years of producing and playing drums in a band and playing 100s of DJ sets, the time was right to work on something new. As they say: To make an end is to make a new beginning, and now is the time.
Emergence is the first release of new material and just a glimpse of what’s to come from This Is Tomorrow. Please support by playing this on your Radio Show and / or in your DJ Sets. Thanks again for the continued support.

All tracks written, produced, mixed and mastered by
This Is Tomorrow
© ® 2015

Download This Is Tomorrow – Origin for free

Pre-order This Is Tomorrow – Emergence now on Bandcamp

Bilal – In Another Life

Bilal is an artist who needs little introduction to fans of neo-soul, and his ever-growing following must surely be among the most loyal and supportive in the scene. To know Bilal is to love him, so ever since his new album was announced on with a taste of first single ‘Satellites’, expectation has been running at fever pitch.
More grounded and earthy than 2013’s ‘A Love Surreal’ (also on BBE), ‘In Another Life’ was made in collaboration with eclectic producer and composer Adrian Younge. Although Bilal’s soul and jazz chops are clearly evident here, there is also an underground indie undertone running through many of the tracks, complete with agonised vocal acrobatics worthy of Thom Yorke. In fact, if Prince & Radiohead had made an album together, well, it would probably make a lot less musical sense than this does. From opening track ‘Sirens’ the lyrical subject matter of the album provides a timely and human reflection on the confusion and paranoia of modern life, asking Marvin’s age-old question, ‘What’s Going On?’
Heavyweight guest appearances come in the form of Def Jam’s Big K.R.I.T., who provides a brilliant verse on the fun, 80’s boogie inspired ‘Pleasure Toy’. Man of the moment Kendrick Lamar spits lyrical fire on frenetic anthem ‘Money Over Love’, while the brilliant Kimbra turns up on languid, sensual soul/jazz gem ‘Holding It Back’.
Dedicated by Bilal “to the victims of injustice all over the World”, ‘In Another Life’ is surely destined to become one of those rare and special records which actually make the world a better place for all those who experience it.

In Another Life is now available, CD and Digital

This album has been on heavy rotation for the last weeks over here, please check it out if you haven’t already!

Black Feeling, Vol. 3 (Sampler)

Black Feeling, a rhythmic feeling, a soulful feeling…
The previous two volumes of Black Feeling compiled a wealth of new and old discoveries culled from our musical explorations around the globe. In many instances the recordings were unearthed from unreleased master tapes, private-press vinyl recordings and little-known local releases.
It is now with great excitement that we present to you the 2-track Black Feeling Volume 3 sampler.
Kicking off with Futebol bu Bar by The Manuel Azevedo Quartet, an absolutely storming version of a club classic, this percussive, driving rhythmic onslaught will leave you breathless & sweaty! Eumir Deodato’s Latin Strut has always been a much loved, crowd pleaser and this version by Esperanto, with its synthesiser line takes the melody in an analogue direction, while the Esperanto rhythm section put in in some serious overtime to make this version as memorable as the original.
Now hold on to your armchair (or the one you love), as we take off at a speed of forty five revolutions per minute to these two enchanting, evocative and pulsating rhythms taken from the forthcoming Black Feeling Vol. 3!

This little teaser will be released on August 28, while the album will be available on vinyl LP, CD and digital download formats from 25 September.

Buffalo Brothers – Dark Matter

Buffalo Brothers are a 9-piece instrumental funk band from Manchester, UK, who write and play heavy funk and jazz-funk influenced music showcasing the talents of our experienced line-up and our favourite guest vocalists.
The band’s debut album ‘Fresh From The Horn’ is still unreleased, but the official release is scheduled later this year.