My latest release is now available for pre-order on Bandcamp and you can stream the first track on my Spotify.

This Is Tomorrow – Transmission will be released on April 6.

Now available on Bandcamp and Spotify

De La Soul – The Bizness feat. Common Sense (This Is Tomorrow Remix)

Just uploaded a remix I did a few years ago, remixed and ready for download on my Bandcamp page, check it out

Here’s a quick update…

I recently deleted my ‘social media’ apps so is now the only place you can find info on what’s going on in my life.

I recently signed a label deal with Tangential Music, a relatively new label from the UK formed by music industry veterans Lee Bright (BBE Music) and Catherine Litton, deploying their combined 40 years of experience to explore the soulful side of Electronica.

I recorded so many tracks this year that I decided to create a new project called ‘For A Moment There Was Silence’.

The first EP called Unfold, will be released on Tangential Music on April 9.

More info and first single coming soon…

This Is Tomorrow, my LoFi Hip Hop project is still alive too of course.

This Is Tomorrow – Transmission, my new 5 track EP on VinDig will be released on April 4.

Much more music coming this year, including an exclusive track for a LoFi compilation on VinDig !

Thanks again for the continued support.

This Is Tomorrow – Mini Disc Beat Tape (2003/2004)

I found this Mini Disc with a ton of beats while going through my stuff, so here it is … 28 minutes of Loops, recorded in 2003 / 2004 (I guess …)

Now available for download on Bandcamp (wav) and Soundcloud (mp3)

New guest mix for Diggers Dozen

DJ Blueprint / This Is Tomorrow – Diggers Dozen (June 2020)

01. Thirsty Moon – Das Fest Der Völker – (Germany)
02. Ilous – Pêle-Mêle – (France)
03. Sung-Jo Jung – ? – (Korea)
04. Eddie Louiss Combo – Too Late Mr. Jo – (France)
05. Jazz Rock Experience – Crazy Horse Chief – (Switzerland)
06. Solar Plexus – Bouillabaisse – (Sweden)
07. Moose Loose – Eber’s Funk – (Sweden)
08. Sound Foundation – Sound Foundation – (US)
09. Melody Orchestra – ? – (Russia)
10. Janko Nilovic – Duty Free – (France)
11. Ted Asking & His Orchestra – The Man From Nowhere – (UK)
12. The Frank Cunimondo Trio – Chameleon – (US)