wax poetics 41


Wax Poetics 41 is here with KRS-One, EPMD on the east coast cover and Ice Cube, Ice-T on the west coast cover

Latino hip-hop pioneer DJ DISCO WIZ spins a hard-knock yarn.
Supreme united New York’s skate and hip-hop cultures.
Freestyle’s mix of rap and dance hit hard then fell into obscurity.
Ice-T found his swagger in the electro trenches of Uncle Jamm’s Army.
Ice Cube’s revolutionary debut fused the sounds of both coasts.
KRS-One preaches the hip-hop gospel.
Innovator Grandmixer DXT launched the turntable into the space age.
Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith took EPMD from the burbs to the bank.

Easy Mo Bee record rundown
Record spot rundown with DJ Amir
Peanut Butter Wolf video rundown
Souls of Mischief

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