cultures of soul


i must admit that i’ve never heard of this small label called cultures of soul before jeff contacted me a few weeks ago
it’s never too late though, so here are some of their latest releases…

The band is a local soul group from Boston called Jordan Valentine and the Sunday Saints. Growing up Jordan was heavily influenced by her mother’s southern cooking and love of Motown. Now Cultures of Soul is putting out their first 7 inch with two great tracks. The A side is a masterful cover of “Tell Me What’s On Your Mind” and the B side is an original sister funk track with howls of joy reminiscent of Betty Davis.

Jordan Valentine and the Sunday Saints


Fabulous Fugitives featuring Michael Sharkey is a rare doubler A sider containing two awesome deep funk cuts from this Memphis, Tennessee group. Originally it was released in 1973 on the J’Ace label owned by local gospel record label owner Style Wooten. The group only put out one 45 and the orginal masters have long since been destroyed as far as we know. The A side, “What the World Needs” is a politically charged funk bomb. The flip side, “You Made Me Cry” is a more straight forward funk track with plenty of fat drum fills.

you can check out this preview of future releases on soundcloud

Cultures of Soul Winter Preview by

if you want to buy any of their releases, here’s the link to their shop


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