katalyst – deep impressions


From Katalyst: “Writing music for me is a continual process so when it came time to put the third Katalyst album together I had already a collection of songs I had written and recorded for the new release. Looking at the songs as a body of work its clear that many styles of music have made deep impressions on me as a producer. Hence the name of my album.”

what’s happening, katalyst’s follow up to his debut was released in 2007, now he’s back with his 3rd album deep impressions
producing since the mid nineties ashley anderson knows how to blend soul, hip hop, funk, jazz, reggae and electro influences all together perfectly into a well-rounded whole
the album includes collaborations with the likes of bootie brown, stephanie mckay and steve spacek with whom he formed the space invadas

1. Day Into Night Feat. Stephanie McKay
2. Black Dragon Feat. Mr Clean
3. Pot Or Pills
4. Ready To Drop Feat. KweenG
5. Clapping Song Feat. Coin Locker Kid
6. Beware
7. Prince Of Cool Feat. Jade Macrae
8. It’s A Blast
9. U Can’t Save Me Feat. Buff 1 & Stephanie McKay
10. Number 1
11. The Popcorns Feat. Bootie Brown & Steve Spacek
12. Who’s Doing It
13. Time Ticks On Feat. Hau
14. Dreaming Of You

now available on bbe music


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