this is tomorrow – obsolete black plastic


i really like dj’ing but i always find it difficult to record a mix at home
somehow, standing in front of people or a wall at home isn’t the same
i started many mixes the last few months, but most of them never saw the light of day
laid-back have been posting my mixes for a long time, the first being my 45 mix in 2007, so i’m happy to share this mix with all of the laid-back listeners

obsolete black plastic is also available as a limited edition cd for 5,-€ (shipping included)
please send an email with your adress to: or leave a comment on

thanks again to julius and ldbk for the continued support over the years

This Is Tomorrow – Obsolete Black Plastic

01. Obsolete Black Plastic (Intro)
02. Hollywood – Gangster Rap
03. DJ Shadow – Midnight In A Perfect World
04. Pekka Pohjola – Sekoilu Seestyy
05. Gold Panda – After We Talked
06. Dibiase – Lumberjack
07. Terranova & Tricky – Bombing Bastards
08. Handsome Boy Modelling School & Roisin Murphy – The Truth
09. Herman Marquis – Tom’s Version (Loop)
10. Reflection Eternal – Fortified Live (Instrumental)
11. Cannonball Adderley – Hummin (Large Pro Remix)
12. Fleur Earth & Frank Nitt – Changes (Suff Daddy Refill)
13. Huss Und Hodn – Huhrensohnologie
14. Tall Black Guy – Sonic Controller
15. The Magic Record (Interlude)
16. BW Souls – Marvin’s Groove
17. Freddie Scott – You Got What I Need
18. Black Heat – Zumba Ku
19. Big L – Devil’s Son / Put It On (Accapella)
20. Damu The Fudgemunk – Never Off (On & On) / Redman – Funkorama (Accapella)
21. Praverb – Professional Hobbyist
22. Ron Forella – Crystals
23. Dry Bread – Words To My Song
24. DJ Format & Sureshot LaRock – Dope Pusher
25. Jacek Lech – Milosc Mekochana
26. The Peace Makers – Don’t Push Your Luck
27. The Honey Drippers – Impeach The President (Loop)
28. Superlover Cee & Casanova Rud – Do The James
29. Madlib – Dollar Bill
30. Bullion – Get Familiar / The Roots – Don’t Say Nuthin’ (Accapella)
31. Julien Dyne & Mara TK – Stained Glass Fresh Frozen
32. Koen – 671
33. Kurious – Spell It With A J (Yes Yes Jorge)
34. Double X – I’m Not Gonna Be Able To Do
35. Def Jef – On The Real Tip (Edit)
36. Lord Finesse & Percee P – Rematch
37. Rewind (Outro)


One thought on “this is tomorrow – obsolete black plastic

  1. Great to hear polish song in this great mix. I supose Milosc Miekochana should be Milosc Niekochana, and in english like "Unloved Love". Andrzej Zaucha, Mira Kubasinksa – try them. Greetings from Poland

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