Debilorithmicos and Anqui – LaLaLuv


Debilorithmicos and Anqui did it again – this time with a new exquisite track called LaLaLuv. After playing with Bass influences and beatabstract elements in Turn My Clock, the Jamaican flavor emerges and turns into the backbone of a hybrid in which versatility and the Norwegian singers vocal range once again become key elements.
With complete naturalness Anqui phrases over a dancehall influenced beat with explicit bass lines and digital sparks.
She provides a distinctive point to the equation, molding its tone to the character of the track without losing grip and most importantly, preserving her personality as a singer.
LaLaLuv is yet another victory of a productive team that isn’t afraid to experiment, and constantly operates far away from the trends, creating music perfectly built up to handle the most varied sound disciplines

Debilorithmicos feat. Anqui – LaLaLuv from Molts Records on Vimeo.

The ep features LaLaLuv, the instrumental version and a remix by Cee
Now available on the Molts Records Bandcamp page


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