mike gao – beta world peace


HW&W is proud to present our latest release, one of our last of 2012.
California native Mike Gao is a producer, DJ, and music technologist who aims his developed skills in lacing together boundary-pushing electronic music.
He first got his start when he was 13, making beats in MSDOS tracker programs.
With a Masters in Music Technology from Stanford, Gao has got quite the power to his punch.
Not to mention he has won several beat battles including Project Blowed in Los Angeles and the Mighty 4 in the Bay area.
He has also participated in numerous sets and festivals that only bolster his already impressive background.
Known for his organic approach to electronic music, Gao’s latest EP release Beta World Peace doesn’t stray much from his established sound palette.
Within Beta World Peace, you’ll find eclectic sounds and glitches taking on organic forms that result in a medley of tracks tickling your hair follicles. 

you can download mike gao’s ep now on

check out
http://huhwhatandwhere.com/ for more


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