soul spectrum records volume one


if you’re into soul and funk, the names euan fryer and jazzman gerald should ring a bell
the two have been releasing hidden and lost gems for a few years now
now they’ve teamed up to bring you soul spectrum records volume one, a compilation featuring some of the rarest soul tunes including the ultra rare $8000 7” from fluorescent smogg

the compilation will be available on cd / vinyl / digi on february 18 2013 on jazzman records

“The endless quest to discover lost interesting music from the past is something of a calling to many. Record collectors and DJs will go without food and spend all their wages to own a single piece of vinyl. Many will travel around the world to towns and cities you would never choose to visit. Happy spending nights in cheap hotels and days in musty old shops looking for that one lucky find, and it does happen, eventually, to all that make the effort. I make no claim to the discovery of any of these records contained here, but I nod my hat to those that did and will again in the future. I have let good as well as rare music be the narrative on this LP. There are some records here that are relatively affordable and I encourage you to go out and find them on original 45s, and play them. Records should be heard, not archived – keep the wonderful culture of playing 45s and 12s alive.” – DJ Fryer, December 2012


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