kratos himself – a town called imaginarium

 photo artworks-000050506814-uqcwfs-t500x500_zps2cbaa894.jpg

Jus Like Music Records are very pleased to introduce you to Kratos Himself with his 7-track EP; A Town Called Imaginarium – out as a FREE digital download via Bandcamp from 24 June.

Kratos Himself is from the Netherlands. A Town Called Imaginarium is his new EP on Jus Like Music Records that he states is dedicated to the imagination of whoever is listening. It’s a downtempo instrumental EP featuring additional instrumentation from bass player Marc Machielse, plus singers Ditte de Muynck and K.J.B.

Blending the organic with the electronic, A Town Called Imaginarium is a beautiful EP that straddles a line between soundscape and song, with ethereal melodies and tight jazz breaks.

The release will be available as a FREE download via Kratos Himself’s Bandcamp page from 24 June.


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