kon – on my way

 photo bbe241cover_zps45f85058.jpg

On My Way… a rich cultural heritage has been distilled into an upfront album of burning dance floor action, showing us why the BBE-crowned ‘King of Digging’ has for so long remained a formidable, worldwide musical icon.
“One of the first physical records I fell in love with was Electric Light Orchestra’s El Dorado. The music on that LP is incredible, climatic strings, and full of amazing songwriting. To digest and absorb music with such depth is the best thing for a 4 year old. Get ’em going young! I know this is part of the reason why later in life I searched further than what was just on the radio.”
Kon’s father was a drummer, and his love of the break not only inspired the quest for the funkiest rarities that birthed the iconic On Track and Off Track compilations, but also informed his approach to the edit.

kon – on my way is available now on bbe music:

very limited coloured double-vinyl edition


3 thoughts on “kon – on my way

    1. yes they are, the on track and off track mixes are a digger’s wet dream 🙂 and amir is doing an amazing job with his new record label 180 proof.

      1. I just moved here from Chicago. I emailed you a few weeks ago when I was visiting. Do you have any gigs coming up? Back in Chicago I played almost weekly around the city spinning vinyl only sets of Soul, Funk and sometimes disco. Anything like that ever happen here? My 9 boxes of records and my 2 1200’s are coming in 6-8 weeks and I can’t wait. Where do people go digging here with out paying an arm and a leg?

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