this is tomorrow – 45s mix (live at rockhal)

This is an all 45s set i recorded at my warm-up gig for Charles Bradley at Rockhal in Luxembourg on October 21. All Original 45s, no Bootlegs or Repros…

01. The Ambassadors – Ain’t Got The Love Of One Girl 02. The Nu People – I’d Be Nowhere 03. Placebo – Balek 04. Wendy Rene – After Laughter 05. Lee Dorsey – Get Out Of My Life, Woman 06. Idris Muhammad – Express Yourself 07. Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham – Lover & A Friend 08. Skull Snaps – It’s A New Day 09. Keni Burke – Risin’ To The Top (Give It All You Got) 10. Momie-O (Vickie Anderson) – You’re Welcome (Stop On By) 11. The Isley Brothers – I Know Who You Been Socking It To 12. The Honey Drippers – Impeach The President 13. James ‘Big Sambo’ Young & The House Wreckers – Barking Up The Wrong Tree 14. Leroy & The Drivers – The Sad Chicken 15. Explosions – Hip Drop 16. The Chosen Few – We Are The Chosen Few 17. The Eddy Jacobs Exchange – Pull My Coat 18. Johnny Cameron & The Camerons – Funky John 19. Miami – Chicken Yellow 20. Frankie Beverly’s Raw Soul – Color Blind 21. Preston Love – Cissy Popcorn 22. Tony Alvon & The Belairs – Sexy Coffee Pot

you can also listen to this mix on my mixcloud and / or download it on my bandcamp


One thought on “this is tomorrow – 45s mix (live at rockhal)

  1. This is a dope mix. I’m bummed I will miss the Gospel Emcee show. ARe you heading to the worlds largest record fair this weekend?

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