first word records – two syllables volume ten

 photo a2885477079_2_zps4f5c471f.jpg

it’s christmas time, so here’s another present for you from the lovely people at first word records.
12 songs, for free, what’s more to say…

Those of you who have been following the label for a few years will know that it’s our tradition to give you, our loyal fans, a Christmas present every year to say thank you for your wonderful support over the preceding 12 months. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that 2013 is no different, and we’re delighted to offer you Two Syllables Volume Ten! We’ve put together 12 tracks that give you a snapshot of where we’re at right now – a mix of favourites from the last year and a couple of exclusive tracks to point you in the direction of where we’ll be going in 2014. Every artist who released something on the label this year is included, with tracks from Teotima, The Fontanelles, Tall Black Guy, Comfort Fit, Frameworks, Yosi Horikawa, Ross McHenry and Souleance. We also have a couple of new tracks from Essa and Riot Jazz Brass Band (look out for more music from both of them in 2014), and tracks from a couple of artists from our extended family in the shape of Sleepin’ Giant and Strangelove. Anyway, enough talking, you can get your hands on this beauty right here. Go on, get clicking!

first word records – two syllables volume ten


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