lady daisey – in my headphones

 photo cover_ladydaisey_inmyheadphones-1_zpsce1d7509.jpg

Lady Daisey is set to release her second album, In My Headphones on BBE Music.
Featuring Batsauce on production and George Clinton among others, this album offers the same ingredients that made her debut a worldwide success.

Since the 2010 release of In My Pocket, Lady Daisey’s powerhouse, yet sultry, vocals continue to mesmerize listeners and capture hearts, while Batsauce’s beats and production have become a trademark sound in underground soul / hiphop scenes around the globe. The dynamic duo has continued their musical journey, like a pendulum, swinging between Europe and the United States: touring, traveling, meandering through life planting seeds of positivity and funky vibes.
In My Headphones is Lady Daisey’s latest collection of songs, co-written and produced by Batsauce, channeled directly from their hearts to your headphones.

Lady Daisey – In My Headphones will be out in the coming weeks on BBE Music


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