drum breaks on 45: a guest post by kid dyno from daily diggers

www.dailydiggers.com has been one of my favourite blogs / sites from the day I stumbled upon it in 2007.
We all started our blogs around the same time, Fleamarket Funk, Daily Diggers, HeavySoulBrutha’s Put The Needle On The Record etc.
But sometime last year the posts stopped and I was disappointed to see another blog close it’s doors.
A few weeks ago I asked Dom aka Kid Dyno if he would be interested in doing a few guest posts on my site, since he wasn’t posting on Daily Diggers anymore.
We thought about a few things and since we both love our 45s, what better than doing a special Drum Breaks On 45s post !?
Thanks again to Dom for the guest post but more so for the great content on Daily Diggers through the years. Here we go:

It’s been just over a year since I posted up on my own website www.dailydiggers.com, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve no longer been knee deep in records since I went on that hiatus. Quite the opposite in fact – old habits die hard.
So when Mike at This Is Tomorrow asked me drop a guest post on here I was eager to get involved, and what better way than to drop a few of my drum breaks on 45. Here’s goes….

 photo TheFirebirds-SoulSonata_zps82a9578f.jpg



This is quite a sleeper of a record in my opinion. I don’t ever recall anyone playing it to me or even referring to it. But I’m sure many of the hardest diggers have got this in their stash already. If you were to walk in a record shop and catch the middle portion of this record you would assume it’s some lounge type groove or the kind of music you’d expect to hear in a hotel foyer. However, pull the needle back to the intro and KAPOWWW you got some super funky Pete Rock Mecca-esque drums! If you can bear with the melancholy verse then you are rewarded with a funky breakdown of drums and bass with guitar licks, dirty enough to make any self respecting b-boy or B-girl get down.

 photo TheSoulRockers-SoulForSale_zpse08cba8e.jpg



The title “soul for sale” has stuck in my mind for some years, and I think it may have been my old friend DJ SKYE who put me up on this record, but I cannot be certain. So on a fairly recent mission I spotted this record by THE SOUL ROCKERS with the very same title. I am not a Soul music buff by any means so I took a blind gamble and hoped this was the record I needed. I was handsomely rewarded when I returned home to find some chunky drums at the beginning. BINGO! This was the joint I was looking for. With that combination of artist name and song title this record had to be funky …. it just goes to show a title, label, or even message on the label is enough sometimes to give you the right clues.

 photo MarkHolder-MixedUpCup_zpsf528ef23.jpg



I’ve owned the 45 of CLYDE McPHATTER’s “Mixed Up Cup” for some years now, and I have always been mesmerised by the sound of the pouring water over the sparse drum break. If you don’t know the track already then have a listen on youtube and you will understand where I am coming from. Anyway, I recently took a trip to ELDICA RECORD shop in Dalston run by Andy Westbury and whilst browsing a pile of freshly stocked 45s I spotte the title “mixed up cup”. This record however was a reggae 45 and my knowledge of reggae music is even less than my piss poor knowledge of soul music. I asked Andy if this cheapy record had the same water pouring noise over the drums and he confirmed. That’s good enough for me!

 photo SimonPark-Barracuda_zps58aab2be.jpg



This track also features on a DE WOLFE LIBRARY record called “The Great Day” and is credited to PETER RENO. Although before I knew this I had found this BBC 45 in an East London record boutique for less than a fiver. That day I was sensible enough to have taken my portable, and I nearly blew my head gasket when I heard the intro on this little gem of a record. When the flute came in I quickly paid for the record with my spare change and disappeared into the night feeling like I had just stolen the crown jewels. This is pure library heat condensed onto the 45 format – a great record to play out, but surprisingly hard to find despite being on the very common BBC record label.

 photo JamesSpencer-TakeThisWomanOffTheCorner_zps7f150cfb.jpg

JAMES SPENCER – “Take This Woman Off The Corner” on MEMPHIS RECORDS


A favourite drum break 45 of mine, these drums are thick and snappy with a subtle little bassline running underneath. I also have a version of this record by another group but I forget the artist right now. The latter version has been sampled by someone in the leftfield hip hop zone, but again the artist escapes me. I don’t know however if the JAMES SPENCER version has been sampled by anyone, so if anyone knows please get in touch. To make up for that, here’s a short video of me cutting up doubles a few year back…..




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