Thes One / People Under The Stairs – Where The Piecelock Ends

Thes One, one half of the People Under The Stairs just posted this on FB. A collection of beats recorded straight from the stereo output of Thes One’s Akai MPC3000, December 2014. It is presented as a free gift to lovers of sample based production, feel free to share, like etc!! Happy Holidays.

Free tagged 320 MP3 Download available here:

From Thes One:

When Double K and I started waaaay back in the day, a typical week culminated with us hanging out, trying to buy some beer, smoking some pots and bumping our latest cassette beat tape – a compilation of beats recorded straight out of the sampler. Somehow along the way life got more complicated and digital, but i still miss a stormy friday afternoon with some new beats to bump.

So hear’s a new take on something that used to make our weekends worth living, something to help get through these tough and often stressful times. It’s free and it’s made to share – I hope it can provide the soundtrack for some special moments this holiday season.

We want to thank all of you for making 2014 a really memorable year and promise that there’s even more to be excited about around the corner in 2015.


2 thoughts on “Thes One / People Under The Stairs – Where The Piecelock Ends

    1. Enough respect to Mr. Portugal and Mr. Turner for blessing the massive with their creations. As an MPC 2000 user myself since the mid 1990’s I can truly appreciate and respect 100% sample based music like this. I only wish I got my ears on this sooner.

      –Bones – Narragansett, Rhode Island

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