Jesse Morgan – You’ve Changed For The Worst


Soul music fans all over the world may have never heard the name Jesse Morgan. Of course this has its reason. Although he was an original member of one of Hawaii’s most famous bands in the 1960s (“The Mopptops”), his solo career never materialized. His one and only solo release was a 45RPM single which might have made even the great James Brown jump back: (“I Gotta Get Back” b/w “I Pity A Fool”). It would take another 9 years for him to get into a recording studio again. The album was scheduled for release in 1978 when he was signed to Anchor/ABC Records. The same year, a major record company bought ABC Records and all newly signed artists were put on the shelf, including Jesse. His album remained in the can for almost 40 years.

These two tracks were pulled from the aforementioned album. They give you a perfect taste of what you can expect of “Jesse”, the debut long-player by Jesse Morgan which drops in april this year as a special Record Store Day 2016 release. Ten modern soul masterpieces on one album. Something you rarely find, unless it’s on Mo-Soul!

Great work again by Tobias and the guys at Tramp Records on unearthing this gem.

7″ vinyl now available for pre-order on Bandcamp


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