Funky Chimes – Belgian Grooves From The 70s


In 2014, Sdban Records collects a first selection of these lost gems on Funky Chicken: Belgian Grooves from the Seventies. This compilation (4 LP/2 CD) combines lesser-known tracks of well-known artists (André Brasseur, The Chakachas) with newly discovered names (Leo Cavallo, Les Hélions) and bona fide diggers gold (Hein Huysmans Kwintet, Super Funk Special). All over the world, people are baffled, but nowhere as much as in Belgium. That good? From around here?

Funky Chimes is the logical continuation of Funky Chicken. Not just a fast sequel or a gathering of leftovers, but a different smell from the same perfume. The music’s quality matches that of its predecessor, but the treasure hunt was even more adventurous, and the stories behind some of the nuggets even more gripping.

A final word of welcome… For the newcomers: Funky Chimes proves why Belgium is still considered a unique and fertile breeding ground in the world of dance music. This is where it all started, more than 40 years ago. And for the more advanced: this is Funky Chicken, level next. Call it the connoisseur’s edition.

Out June 2. 2017 through Sdban/N.E.W.S.
SDBANCD08: Deluxe Edition 2CD incl. 32p booklet.
SDBANLP08 x SDBANLP09 on 180gr. Also available: 5 x 7inch samplers

Visit to order


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